About Aledo

Aledo Consulting, Inc. works with life science and health service companies to develop reimbursement strategies that advance their business objectives. We can do this because our expertise lies at the intersection of reimbursement practices in the U.S. health care system and the client’s business strategy. Our clients include medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech and biological companies, as well as venture capitalists, private equity managers, and health plans. We are committed to providing superior value to our clients with innovative approaches to their most difficult issues.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Creating the plans for obtaining coding and coverage for start-up medical device companies.
  • Creating “clinical rationale” documents that present the evidence for coverage of novel medical devices.
  • Guiding client sales, marketing, pricing and contracting strategies by overlaying the reimbursement landscape on the client’s existing business strategy.
  • Sharing our perspective with money managers and venture capitalists about the importance of reimbursement trends and recent market events to their investment companies.